Whether you’re a current customer looking to upgrade or looking to join us for the first time, we’ve provided some of our most frequently asked questions below. 

Can I get a Sky deal if I’m already a Sky Customer?

If you are new to either Sky TV, Sky Broadband or Sky Mobile (SIMO) then we have some great deals we can offer you.

For anyone that is already subscribed to Sky TV or Broadband and would like to discuss their options you can contact Sky on 0333 7591 018

How do Abca work with Sky

Abca work with Sky as part of the ASA (Approved Sky Agent) network for 15 years. We started out as an installation partner and brought Sky TV to the homes of over 250,000 customers right up until 2015 and then again in 2019 through to the 2020 and the national lockdown.

We’re currently working with some partner benefit sites to offer their members great deals on TV, Broadband and Mobile.

Can I join the Buddy Affiliate Program?

Abca offer a reward scheme for Buddy affiliate members who refer new customers. If you think this is something that would suit you or your business please email buddies@abcasky.co.uk and someone will contact you with information.


If I recommend someone can they get the same deal as me?

That would depend on when they took Sky out as our offers can change from time to time but rest assured we will offer you the best deal available. We also run refer a friend competitions at various time throughout the year so watch out for those in our adverts.

Can I access Netflix on my Sky box?

You can access Netflix content on your Sky Q set top box in two ways: by signing in to your existing Netflix account, or by choosing the Ultimate TV Add on. Subscribing to Netflix via Sky has the added advantage of allowing you to access all your on-demand content in one place. You can browse and select films and TV shows across both Sky and Netflix and receive recommendations for one based on your viewing habits on the other.


The Sky Q box can send shows and recordings to your Q Mini box wirelessly over Wi-Fi, or it can do so through the cables in your walls. This feature is called Powerline, and it pipes the shows through the mains socket to each box. This helps free up your broadband’s bandwidth for other uses, like downloading files or streaming music, allowing you to multitask more efficiently. The Sky Q box switches between Powerline and Wi-Fi dynamically, depending on which is stronger. Like all the best tech, you shouldn’t even be aware it’s there


Chris Miller

With a family of 4 in our house the broadband quality is a crucial factor in our decision making. After countless issues with a previous provider we heard about ABCA's amazing offers from a friend on social media and couldn't believe the deals! More importantly the broadband limits and performance with Sky are far better than our previous provider. Would highly recommend both ABCA and Sky.

Jamie Hansell

I have been a Sky TV customer for a number of years but with the Covid-19 pandemic forcing me to stay home i realised my current tv package didn't have enough channels for me or my wife's needs. We contact Craig and the team at ABCA who helped us upgrade to a much larger package of channels and saved us fortunes in the process. Thanks guys!

Phil Pattinson

I had seen various TV adverts for Sky mobile but had never really looked into the packages they provided. When my contract was coming to an end i saw the savings that ABCA were offering and jumped at the chance. Sim only offers me a financial option that still provides me with the quotas i need everyday. Thank you ABCA.


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